Fables For the Clarinet

Fables for the Clarinet

A collection of diverse, humorous, odd, and bite-sized stories filled with sarcasm, wacky happenings, and absurdity. Phil Austin, of Firesign Theatre fame, warns that you might want to take it slow lest you be stricken with fits of laughter.

Ten Good Reasons to Fix That Airplane

Ten Good Reasons to Fix that Airplane

Another collection of quirky stories filled with sarcasm and absurdity. If you’re looking for oddity, according to Rubes comic strip creator Leigh Rubin, you’ve landed on the right airstrip with Ten Good Reasons to Fix that Airplane.

Elk and Penguin Stories

Elk and Penguin Stories

No, this isn’t a National Geographic study. This is instead the third collection of intriguing, entertaining and unashamedly odd short stories by Steve Pastis. Singer/ songwriter Jann Arden liked it so much she wrote the foreward.

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We publish books about whatever we feel like publishing. So far, we have three books in our library; all are collections of short short stories by Steve Pastis.

Our logo was created by National Lampoon artist and graphic novelist Rick Geary. He does good work.


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