Ten Good Reasons to Fix That Airplane

Balthazar the Mallard

(from Ten Good Reasons to Fix that Airplane)

“Always play your cards close to your feathers,” said Balthazar the Mallard. “And always leave with at least one chicken joke untold.”

With those pearls having been shared, Balthazar the Mallard took flight south. The foxes, deer, antelopes, and bees were sorry to see him go but autumn was almost over and they all had to prepare for the coming winter. It was expected to be an especially cold and unpleasant one and they all had things to do. Some had shopping, some had knitting, and others needed to repair their roofs, hives, or nests.

The winter was even worse than predicted but this led them to celebrate springtime with extra fervor. They held a spring festival and had plenty of food and wine. They even hired a DJ.

Between the dinner and the dancing, Balthazar the Mallard once again flew into their midst and took the stage.

“Keep your eyes on the approaching headlights,” said Balthazar the Mallard.

“Why don’t you stuff your silly bill full of feathers!” shouted one of the deer.

Balthazar the Mallard was startled. When the foxes, deer, antelopes, and bees broke into applause, he was stunned.

“You hung on my every word in the fall? And now, in the spring you want me to stuff my bill with feathers? What gives?”

“In the fall, you were our last diversion before having to prepare for a tough winter,” said the deer who had made the feathers comment. “Now in the spring, you are keeping us from having fun.”

With that the DJ started spinning his first record, a funky tune by Wild Cherry. The animals took to the dance floor as Balthazar the Mallard flew away.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to know why others like you.